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Self-guided courses and resources to help you develop financial integrity. 

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Ready to travel down — and in — the mind, body and soul, to financial integrity? Somatic Finance® is a unique experience and methodology to learn in a variety of ways. If you want to explore and discover by yourself, read about our self-guided courses and resources

"I grew up in poverty and although I make great money as a grown adult, I still had a scarcity mindset. This course set me on the path to establish a new relationship with my money. I also re-imagined life in regards to retirement. Great course!""

MoneyMoves® Participant

The content is relevant, practical and wise. This course covers the basics of financial responsibility in a form that is easily understood and grounded in life.

– Michael D.

I appreciated the whole framework of the course--positive self-regard, curiosity, movement, sound-- a beautiful holistic approach to exploring and learning.

– Sara L.

I loved the practices and how they broke me open and gave me new ways of thinking. Money became fun and interesting and light!

– Susan D.C.

"When you learn how to trust your body’s intelligence about money, you feel more, you grow more, and you make better financial choices. It is that simple."

– Gayle Colman


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