MoneyMoves® Online Game

A Transformative 60-Day Journey to Evolve Your Relationship with Money


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Evolve your relationship with money

The MoneyMoves® Online Game is designed to help you uncover your limiting money beliefs so you can create more ease and flow in your personal finances. Engage with playful and friendly exercises, curiosity-inspiring questions, and mindfulness practices.

Create more money fun

The MoneyMoves® Online Game is a fun and friendly way to change thoughts, reshape beliefs, and develop new muscles to improve the outcome of how money flows in life. Get ready to explore and create more "money fun" than you have ever experienced before! 


Course Features

Daily Insights for Daily Growth

Immerse yourself in a daily dose of insightful content designed to expand your understanding of money, challenge your beliefs, and foster transformative growth. Fuel your progress and keep the momentum going throughout the entire course.

Live Calls with Gayle Colman

Join Gayle Colman, Founder of Somatic Finance and author of "The Body of Money" for two Live Calls. Engage with others you navigate the 60-day journey to transform your relationship with money. 

Two Live Calls at 12pm (EDT) on July 17th & August 17th

Community of Money Explorers

Engage with a diverse community of like-minded individuals who are on the same transformative path. Our online forum provides a safe space to discuss insights, celebrate milestones, seek advice, and build meaningful connections.


What Participants Are Saying

The content is relevant, practical and wise. This course covers the basics of financial responsibility in a form that is easily understood and grounded in life.

— Michael D.

I appreciated the whole framework of the course--positive self-regard, curiosity, movement, sound-- a beautiful holistic approach to exploring and learning.

— Sarah L.

I loved the practices and how they broke me open and gave me new ways of thinking. Money became fun and interesting and light!

— Susan D.C. 

Here's What's Inside

What Participants Are Saying

This program fills a huge need that I have never seen anywhere else.

— Sarah A.